When you considering the advantages of benefits associated with storing your information/data/documents/files offsite, you generally think about freed up space and improved upon security. But what you might not immediately consider is better improved document availability. Our methods make sure that your records/information/data/documents/files are properly indexed and structured if you need something, we can easily retrieve it for you.

We provide clients with an intelligent productive and cost-effective solution. Think about us as an expansion of your office, but we're 100% centered on maintaining your physical records structured, safe and easily available that you so that you that you can access. We've the facilities and security protocols in destination to ensure your records/information/data/documents/files stay safe and accounted for.
Document Management Solutions

Physical and digital capturing, indexing, storage, and retrieval of critical documents.

Data Protection and Privacy Solutions

Secure storage, protection, and recovery of media and other valuable items.

Data Entry

Secure data entry, QC and vetting services.

Vetting and Reporting

Vetting with check list, banking file vetting, NID vetting etc.

Secure Media and Document Destruction Solutions
Confidential destruction of sensitive documents, media, and other business items.
Decades of experience Lifecycle IMS

Decades of experience providing full lifecycle information management solutions